Peavey 12″ HIGH EFFICIENCY ? HIGH RELIABILITY ? HIGH OUTPUT : Loud Speaker : 2000 watts : 4 Ohms

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The BWX series uses a new cone that is a variation on the existing Kevlar? impregnated cones used on all Black Widows. The new cone is stronger and tougher, highly water resistant, and has a specially designed surround ? a deep roll accordion design on the 15?, and an innovative asymmetrical-M style on the 12? that improves mid range clarity. The dust cap is also made of the same extremely strong material. Voice coil assemblies on the new drivers use the thermoset insulated aluminum or copper ribbon wire, bonded onto an incredibly durable, heat resistant polyimide composite former. The coil wires are solderless diffusion welded to high conductivity OFHC copper foil leads, which are embedded inside the former assembly and soldered to the tinsel leads with high temperature silver solder. The solder joint is then coated with a special thermally conductive silicone adhesive for encapsulation and heat dissipation. The voice coil assembly is bonded to the Kevlar cone and new super tough nylon composite spider using a thermoset epoxy originally develop for attaching nose cones to ICBM missiles ? truly an aerospace grade adhesive. The spider and surround are bonded to the frame with a high strength toughened adhesive. The magnet structure includes subtle changes to its geometry that improve power handling. While it appears the same as the standard structure, and replacement basket from the BWX series will fit on standard BW magnet structures, the improved power handling will be compromised if the standard structure is used. These new drivers also adhere to the familiar features of Black Widow products: cast aluminum frames, replaceable basket assemblies, Rubatex gaskets and high reliability, spring loaded terminals are all used.

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  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Power capacity: 2000 W Peak 1000 W Program 500 W Continuous
  • Sensitivity: 96.6 dB / 1 W 1 m
  • Usable freq. range: 50 Hz ~ 3.5 kHz
  • Cone: Kevlar? impregnated cellulose
  • Voice coil diameter: 4.0″ / 100 mm
  • Voice coil material: Aluminum ribbon wire Polyimide-impregnated fiberglass former Nomex? stiffener Solderless diffusion welded OFHC copper leads
  • Net weight lb. / kg: 16 lbs. / 7.3 kg
  • Znom (ohms) 4 : Revc (ohms) 3.47
  • Sd (Square Meters) 0.052
  • BL (T/M) 14.09
  • Fo (Hz) 55.4
  • Vas (liters) 66.2
  • Cms (uM/N) 172.5
  • Mms (gm) 47.90
  • Qms 7.09 : Qes 0.311 : Qts 0.298
  • Xmax (mm) 2.3
  • Le (mH) 0.19
  • SPL (1W 1m) 96.6
  • No (%) 2.90%
  • Vd (cu. in. / ml) 18.4 / 302
  • Pmax (Watts pgm.) 1000
  • Disp (cu. in. / ml) 109 / 1797
  • 12″
  • Weight Unpacked: 16.00 lb(7.257 kg)
  • Weight Packed: 18.50 lb(8.391 kg)
  • Width Packed: 15.25″(38.735 cm)
  • Height Packed: 16″(40.64 cm)
  • Depth Packed: 6.5″(16.51 cm)
  • Znom: The nominal impedance of the driver in Ohms.
  • Revc: DC resistance of the driver in ohms, also known as Re.
  • Sd: The functional radiating surface area of the cone assembly in meters 2.
  • BL: Efficiency of the voice coil and magnet system in Tesla meters.
  • Fo: Free air resonance. Also known as Fs.
  • Vas: Volume of air having the same compliance (springiness) as the driver?s suspension.
  • Cms: Restorative force of the driver?s suspension in micrometers / Newton.
  • Mms: The total mass of the moving parts of the loudspeaker, including the air load, in grams.
  • Qms: Resonance characteristics of the mechanical factors of the loudspeaker.
  • Qes: Resonance characteristics of electrical factors of the loudspeaker.
  • Qts: Resonance characteristics of the electrical and mechanical factors combined together.
  • Xmax: Distance the cone can move in one direction before the coil begins to leave the magnetic gap.
  • Le: Inductance of the voice coil in millihenries.
  • SPL: Typical sound pressure level at 1 watt, 1 meter.
  • No: Electrical to acoustical conversion efficiency in percent.
  • Vd: Air displacement of the driver from negative Xmax to positive Xmax.
  • Pmax: Maximum continuous program power in watts.
  • Disp: Volume displaced by the driver inside the cabinet when mounted on its rear flange.


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