Who We Are

MX-MDR TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED. is a pioneer in manufacturing best quality ELECTRONIC Accessories, Cables & Spare Parts in India, established by a highly ambitious entrepreneur Mr. Mukesh Panjwani. As a result, MX has grown in India with a network of more than 115 distributors across India and also exporting to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Middle East, South Africa, Turkey & Sri Lanka.

MX offers a gigantic range of over 5000 high quality Electronics Products at very reasonable rates. All our electronic products are very well known in the market under our brand Name ‘MX’ and are in huge demand due to our Excellent Quality, Reliable Service and Timely Delivery and Reasonable Price.

Our products are widely used in Home, Residential Complex, Commercial Offices, Shops, Industries, IT Hubs and Public Security for hotels and restaurants. Also, in Energy resource industries like DRDO, SAIL, EME (Defense), NIOT, Assembly Secretariat and intelligent Transportation (like metros and Expressways).

MX is into Professional Speakers, Active, Passive & Multimedia Speakers, Line array system, Component Speakers & Drivers, Power Amp, PA Amplifier, DJ Mixer, Live Mixer, Microphones(Wired & Wireless), Professional Lighting, Stands & Wall Mounts, Pro Audio, Studio Cables, Connectors & Accessories, Networking Solutions, Fiber Optic Series, Electronics Accessories, Cable Organizers and Tools.

MX has adopted 5 principles as follows :


All design and manufacturing processes are strictly controlled in our Quality Control department. Our Engineering Center continually evaluates new materials and their potential use in our designs. We also test virtually every Cable and Connector attribute. Quality is taken seriously in MX.


MX believes in the value of educating our customers, not just in selling a product. Our friendly, knowledgeable support team is always ready to assist you with product information or application questions, technical support and system design advice. This highly trained team will provide you with any resources needed to support you and help you in simplifying your task.


MX has worked hard to be the most reliable brand in electronics products & accessories in India. MX works hard to get best quality for their customers, so that they face no problems during installations or reselling of the products.


MX is ready to adopt new & right international standards, techniques and technologies. Without adaptability no one is complete as there is continuous growth in International electronic product development.


Innovation is a way of doing something new. MX believes in developing the product with Quality Reengineering, also MX applies new ideas successfully in practice. Through innovation& new ideas MX is still improving its efficiency, productivity & quality.

Manufacturing Process

All the MX Products are manufactured using in-depth knowledge and suitable technical specifications. We meticulously design after considering our customer needs which make them unique, safe and user friendly. We believe in professionalism and always try to inculcate the same while providing the services. Adaptability and safety is also an important key of the manufacturing process. This in turn brings the greatest comfort and convenience to people’s lives.

MX uses German Make Plastic molding machines to produce high quality molded connectors & cables. MX also uses Pure Oxygen free Copper in cables so that the Quality of the cables is superior to the others available in the market. Also the connectors used in the connections of the chords are mostly 24K gold plated for better performance. MX also virtually tests every type of cable attribute. MX even uses mock cable installations to simulate common usages for our products. This mock installation scenario gives us the unique ability to understand how our products will perform in real-world applications. To perform these various services.

MX has created special areas of expertise within the manufacturing system which include:

  • Material development
  • Machine controls development
  • Mechanical, Physical and Electronic testing.
  • Analytical testing.
  • Environmental testing, including material analysis, flame and smoke tests.
  • Sample manufacturing, including rubber and plastic extrusion, cabling, braiding and jacketing equipment.

We use state-of-the-art measurement instruments for all tests, including: high frequency measurements, chemical analysis, accelerated aging and shielding effectiveness. And, majority of our equipment is linked via a network. Therefore, all data can be stored electronically for statistical analysis and verification.

As The Result:

Our end-users will have a high quality, highly reliable product that typically meets or exceeds the needs of the marketplace. Our manufacturing units are Underwriters Laboratories ISO 9001:2015 compliant and ROHS compliant.


“MX is not just a brand but heritage of trust, credibility & sustained value creation.”

Today MX has worked hard to be one of the leading brands in India to provide great quality products with apt price & fast service. We are thriving to add more distributors to our existing network in India as well as worldwide. We always believe in CONNECTING THE FUTURE.